Picking the right Ceiling Tile for your restaurtant Kitchen or fastfood outlet.

When picking a ceiling tile for your commercial Kitchen you want a tile that will not contaminate your food products. Most tiles are made of mineral fibre which when disturbed will release small particles down onto the food, these tiles can also become contaminated by smells from grease and strong smelling foods.

Solution...You want a tile that can be cleaned even taken down and washed if necessary. For new ceiling installations metal tiles are a good product to use, offering clean, washable and a hard wearing surface. If ceiling is in place already and you want to fit new tiles, then I would suggest Clean Care tiles or Satin Spar Tiles both are a gypsum based tile with a vinyl surface. These tiles are compatible with 24mm and 15mm wide standard grid. (It will not be possible to fit a metal tile into an existing frame as box wall trims and wedges are required.) Gypsum tiles can be wiped clean and do not allow smells to penetrate the surface. In all cases it is recommend that a good ventilation system be in place also.