How to change ceiling tiles

How to change suspended ceiling tiles

How to replace ceiling tiles

                Everything is easy when you know what you are doing! Changing suspended ceiling tiles in a ceiling with a lot of space above is quite easy but when you don’t have the space then tiles can get broken and dirty.

These few tips will help

                First take all tiles out, don’t retile as you go, this will keep your hands clean and reduce dust from the old tiles sticking to the new.

                After removing all the tiles, examine and replace any damaged suspended ceiling grids. If the ceiling has smoke damage and or is generally dirty then give it a quick clean with hot soapy water or for best results use alcohol spray. It might seem like a big job but you will be surprised how quick it cleans up.

After all rubbish is removed from the room, dust settled and grid cleaned start putting in your tiles. If the space above is tight then put in the cut tiles first by using the full tile open spaces and transfer them over into the cut space. You will need 1" clearance minimum to get tiles into place. Start by holding tile up flat to underside of ceiling and then tilt up first corner then the next then the third then forth. Never try and get two corners up at the same time. If there is a hanging wire on one side start the corners on the other side first and leave the hanger side till last.